Victory for the Huffaker E-type at the Donington Historic Festival

Over the past weekend, DK Engineering's Harvey Stanley and James Cottingham competed in the hour-long pre-63 GT race at the Donington Historic Festival; a weekend filled with a variety of racing and displays both on and off the track. This included, but not limited to, a Spitfire flyover, demonstration runs of the Iconic Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans Campaign, as well as racing that varied from Pre-War Ulsters all the way through to 1980s touring cars.

The day began for team DK with a brief qualifying stint from each driver, which saw them start on the front row, behind only John Spiers and Nigel Greensall in the number 300 Cobra.

A strong start from Harvey Stanley had the no.66 Jaguar pulling away into the lead up to the driver change. The pace from the whole grid was strong, as a brace of Cobras and E-types, with their larger displacement engines, streaked away from the smaller classes.

Halfway through, the pitstop and driver change occured; with James Cottingham now in the car, who fondly returned to classic sportscar racing in his time away from the World Endurance Championship. James was consistent and near qualifying pace, but the Spiers/Greensal Cobra was gaining lap-by-lap and had a remarkable run through the lapped traffic.

With just 15 mins on the clock, a safety car was called, which nullified any lead DK had managed to preserve up until this point in the race. Unfortunatley on the restart, the Cobra oversteered up the inside of Cottingham, glanced the front quarter panel, and trailed off into the gravel. James held the pace and avoided any further damage, and brought the Huffaker E-type home in P1 to take the win.

With a dramatic round of the Motor Racing Legends at Donington now complete, a massive thank you goes out to Josh Burling and James Wright for preparing the car and trackside support, as well as Jeff Bloxham and Andrew Coles for thier photography.

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