Joy at Snetterton

Cottingham brothers take the chequered flag in the Autosport 3 hour race by a comfort of 3 laps With the Chevron placed well in second place on the grid James set off at a blistering pace and was out in front by the end of the first lap. Holding off various challenges from cars behind James to began to create a gap at the front and pulled away from second place. At the 45 minute mark the green chevron pulled in for its first pit stop and after a quick driver change and re-fuel Jeremy was behind the wheel and hunting down the cars in front. It wasn’t long before he was out in front and once again the car was pulling away and creating a comfortable gap. One hour and a half later Jeremy pulled in and passed the car back over to his younger brother James to bring the car home and claim the much deserved victory.

Photography by Frida Johansson

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