DK Engineering Open Day

The12th March 2011 marked the 3rd annual Open Day for DK Engineering. Held at their picturesque converted Victorian farm, located just outside London, DK Engineering provides the perfect venue for such a prestigious event. Many visitors remarked that the Open Day always signals the start of the driving season, and indeed the start of Spring especially with such fantastic weather. The day gave visitors the opportunity to have their Ferraris under go either a free spring check in DK's state of the art workshop, or maybe have their car tested in DK's 1000HP Rolling Road. DK's Workshop staff and Sales team were on hand throughout the day to answer any queries visitors about their cars or the huge range of Ferraris shown from 1950 – 2011.

Particular highlights of the day included the restoration projects, past and present, on show in the workshop, including; a Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder (restored by DK Engineering in 2008/2009 – back from Austria for a service), the recently completed Ferrari F40 and the spectacular Aston Martin Short Chassis Volante. The courtyard and the showroom were filled with a wonderful variety of classic and modern cars. From Ferrari F cars, DK had the complete set, 288 GTO, F40 and an F50. Road cars on show included a beautiful Silver Daytona, every variety of Boxer (365, 512 and 512i) and even a RUF RT12.

Since DK Engineering is most famous for the restoration of 50's Sports Ferraris, and indeed was founded due to David's passion for them, it was only fitting that the sales line up featured a 340 America, 250 V12 TR replica and a 166 MM Vignale Spyder. However, despite the array of fantastic cars, all beautiful examples, centre stage was the ex Ronnie Hoare competition SWB, on display in the UK for the first time since the late 70's, when the car went to Sicily and has been seen rarely since.

DK Engineering's Open Days have proved a huge success in the past and this year was no exception with 350 guests attending the day bringing with them approximately 160 Ferraris, with 97 guest Ferraris here at one time! This is for sure the largest privately organised invitation only Ferrari gathering in the UK of the year.

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