Important RHD 250 GT SWB returns to the UK

Colonel Ronnie Hoare's personal 250 GT SWB was delivered in late 1960 and featured a competition specification from new. The SWB was used for that years London Motor Show in October for the Maranello concessionaires stand following which the car was enjoyed by the Colonel himself. Some 6 months later the car was sold to Ron Fry and campaigned in sprints, hill climbs and race meetings all over the UK. Fry later took delivery of a 250 GTO and a 250 LM to do the same. After Fry 2221GT was owned by Bunty Richmond the co-founder of Downton Engineering the famous Mini tuners and racers. Bunty always referred to her SWB as a comp car and even led some to believe it had raced at Le Mans prior to her ownership (never let the truth interfere with a good story!).

The car has remained in a private collection in Sicily for the last 30 years and has been seen by very few during this period. 2221GT has recently returned to the UK via DK Engineering who hope to soon commence a full restoration. David Cottingham, founder of DK Engineering, commented, "We are very excited to see this very British example of an SWB return to UK soil especially a "comp" car with such interesting features from new and early history. The restoration will restore the car to its as new glory and we are very fortunate that all modifications made during its hard racing life can be rectified especially as all removed items have been retained". 2221 GT is one of just 14 original RHD SWB built and is without doubt one of the most important UK SWB's in existence.

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