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DK Engineering attend Goodwood Press Day 2012

Wednesday 14th March 2012

The Goodwood Press Day has become almost as big an event in itself as the must-see occasions that it previews, this year's programme looks set to be better than ever.

DK Engineering, as one of Goodwoods longest standing contributors, were as ever invited to attend the 2012 press day.

This marked the first outing since its total mechanical but sympathetic restoration of our Ferrari 250 GT TdF #0763GT.

The car was driven to and from the event and ran faultlessly – true testament to the quality of DK's workmanship.

During the day members of the press were treated to rides up the hill in cars that will be at the event including 0763GT.

The TdF was very well accepted and the occasion marked what is possibly the first time this car has been seen by the public in the UK ever!

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