Ferrari 857S restoration

An exciting project with one goal - Pebble Beach 2011

DK Engineering in late Decemebr 2010 started a very exciting new restoration project. However, the car has a strict and difficult deadline – Pebble Beach, just eight and half months away!

Chassis 0588M is one of just four 857S Monzas built by Ferrari. These cars featured the same engine as the 860 Monza, a 3.5 litre 4 cylinder. This particular example is probably the best in the world having been raced enormously in the USA in the 50’s and 60’s being delivered new to the famous John Edgar and raced by now infamous drivers including McAfee, Shelby and Ginther.

A V8 motor was fitted in the 60’s. For the first time since then 0588 will finally be returned to the specification the car left the factory in as the original engine was purchased for this car by DK Engineering from Australia in the early 1980’s. There are many details and features which must be rectified and restored in the right way – this is why the job has been entrusted to DK Engineering, the worlds foremost Ferrari Specialists, to ensure the car is correct in every way, shape and form.

Period Photos courtesy of Marcel Massini - Studio Photography by Fluid Images

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