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David's 'Kodak Moment' (Photo Wallpapers)

If you asked David about the true origins of the business, he'd tell you that its roots can in fact be traced back-much earlier than 1977- to 1950, when at just seven years old he fell in love with the then new, and sublime Jaguar XK120. Following the death of his father a few years later, a local cycling club fostered his competitive spirit and desire to race. It was in fact a pre-war BMW though, worked on by lodger that gave him his first taste of engineering.

From there, David's hobby and passion for cars never wavered. So much so that in the early years he was juggling both the car restoration business and a senior position at, American photography company, Kodak. His love for both photography and cars remains strong to this day and with this we'd like to bring you a stand out image every week from behind the closed doors at DK, giving you some insight on what we're working with now, and in the future some images from our extensive archives too.

Where possible, we've offered a matching mobile version too. Sometimes it might be a bit different to better suit the portrait aspect of your device screen.

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