Ferrari F40 GT/LM #80742 Restoration

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A full restoration from Taisan to its original MonteShell livery

Launched in 1987, the Ferrari F40 is one of the most revered and iconic supercars ever made. Built to celebrate the marque's 40th anniversary, it was the final car to be signed off by Enzo himself and reached sensational new heights in terms of performance and exhilaration. Today, the exceptional models are most sought after and one could argue a great collection would be incomplete without one.

It is little wonder that enthusiasts in period soon began to enquire about competition-spec variants. With prototypes dominating the sports car landscape, however, there were very few series in which the F40 could compete until the resurgence of GT racing in the early 1990s. In 1993, Michelotto – the famous firm behind, among many others, the Group 4 Ferrari 308 – prepared seven F40 GTs at its Padua works. Chassis 80742 was one of these seven road cars selected for the upgrades.

Chassis 80742 was, and is, one of the most iconic and successful F40s in existence. Initially raced in the famous "MonteShell" livery in 1993, it won a staggering nine out of ten rounds that season and indeed the championship. For the next year, and rebranded in "Totip" livery, it was (with a variety of drivers) again the most winning car that season. This car was certainly the most successful of the original 7 CSAI GT examples produced by Michelotto.

It was raced with great success and upgraded during its racing life ultimately becoming the "LM" specification that it is today utilising a specially built and supplied Michelotto LM engine and gearbox. This championship winning car, the only F40 to have won an FIA championship, was sold by DK in late 2017 and the new owner immediately charged us with the task of a full restoration. Whilst being complete, it was very tired indeed and was taken back to a bare shell. The total job was completed in just 5 months and the car was first tested in May 2018 at the Red Bull Ring where it ran faultlessly. Later in 2018, now with LM rear wing and front clam fitted, 80742 was raced at the Silverstone Classic in the Masters Endurance Legends Race.

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