Ferrari 250 LM Restoration

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Perfecting the first mid-engined V12 Ferrari

Arguably the best 250LM in existence, #6105 is highly regarded as one of the most original examples.

Drastically different from the earlier 250-series, the LM would sport a new, mid-mounted 3.3 litre V12 engine and although developed to run in the ‘GT’ class, would ultimately be forced to compete as a sports prototype.

Having traded in his 250 GTO after successfully campaigning it throughout ’63 and ’64, famed privateer racer Ron Fry would collect his 250 LM, the 23rd of just 32 examples delivered, in Autumn 1964. Such was its balance, power and poise, the LM would continually prove itself on track. During Fry’s ownership he raced often, up to four times a month in the Summer. He would take the car nationwide, running regularly at hill climbs, sprints and club races nationwide. Despite this, #6105 never had a major accident and as such, the metalwork remains beautifully original to this day. The majority of 250LMs were raced competitively and many others, although rebuilt, lost their originality through the pitfalls of professional motorsport.

In 1965, Enzo Ferrari himself presented Ron Fry with a medal, recognising his achievements and successes with the car. The following year, Maranello Concessionaires would proudly display #6105 on its stand at the 1966 Earls Court motor show to celebrate its magnificent motorsport prowess.

The second, third, and fifth owners would all actively race #6105 until 1984, when, after 20 years on track it would move on to its first of several owners outside of the UK. The car received some cosmetic changes from its second owner to improve its ‘on track’ ability. These changes were later reversed and over the following 30 years, the car was mechanically restored and well maintained.

Having previously purchased and restored three other 250 LM’s, DK Engineering were the best choice for our client to complete a comprehensive restoration of #6105.

In 2015, after inspecting, approving and acquiring #6105 for its current custodian, we repatriated the car to the UK ahead of embarking on one of our in house, world-famous restorations.

The restoration took 3 years and was completed in early 2019. Particular care and meticulous attention to detail was required to ensure the car would remain as historically accurate as possible.

There were, of course, still many challenging aspects with this restoration. Of those, a key highlight of the attention to detail was researching the pattern for the lower front grille as this had been replaced several times over the years. The result was a diagonal, offset rectangular pattern - confirmed and fitted in the final weeks of the restoration. Similarly, the seatbelts in the LM are distinctive and different to other 250-series cars. Having seen several cars with incorrect belts, through extensive research DK were able to meet the exacting specifications.

With all 32 examples built by hand, although visually similar, no two LM’s are identical. Extensive study and research of period photographs was necessary to ensure accuracy at the bare metal stage.

The completed restoration was first seen in public at Salon Prive 2019. #6105 left the show with one of the two most coveted awards "People's Choice" as well as the "Duke's Choice Trophy".

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