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166 MM at Mille Miglia 2019 The 2020 event may well be delayed, but let’s forget about that over a nice cup of tea and look back at last year’s event where we supported the 166 MM that we had recently sold... Dallara SP1 at the Spa Classic 2019 Dallara SP1 driven by James Cottingham at the Peter Auto Spa Classic 2019 2.0L Cup Hungaroring Highlights 2.0L Cup Hungaroring Highlights Lister Knobbly at Silverstone Classic Highlights from Silverstone Classic Dallara SP1 Goodwood Hillclimb Footage of James Cottingham racing up the famous Goodwood Hillclimb placing the Dallara SP1 4th fastest overall/fastest modern sports racer! Shelby Cobra Daytona at Goodwood MM Shelby Cobra Daytona at Goodwood Members Meeting Porsche 911 2.0 Porsche 911 2.0 Tour Auto 2019 SS 1 Les Gaillards Tour Auto 2019 SS 1 Les Gaillards Onboard with James Cottingham in a 250 GTO Onboard with James Cottingham in a 250 GTO at Goodwood Members Meeting MCO SS5 Autodromo di Imola Ferrari Daytona Competizione at Imola, Italy MCO SS6 Monte Faggiola 2019 Modena Cento Ore - Monte Faggiola MCO SS7 Sambuca 2019 Modena Cento Ore - Sambuca MCO SS8 Autodromo del Mugello Ferrari Daytona Competizione at Mugello MCO SS11 Careggine 2019 Modena Cento Ore - Careggine MCO SS13 Samone 2019 Modena Cento Ore - Samone MCO Bonus Modena Circuit 2019 Modena Cento Ore - Modena Dallara SP1 - Spa Classic Race #1 The 9th Spa-Classic - Endurance racing legends class. Spa Classic Race #2 James Cottingham drove the Dallara SP1 in the Endurance racing legends class. Dallara SP1 Spa Classic - Fastest Lap James Cottingham drives the Dallara SP1 around Spa Francorchamps Modena Cento Ore 2018 On-Board Modena Cento Ore 2018 - Mugello - Daytona Competizione James Cottingham AC Cobra at the Goodwood Revival RAC TT Goodwood Revival RAC TT 2014 - AC Cobra on DKTV Silverstone Classic 2009 - Chevron B8 Silverstone Classic 2009 - Chevron B8 - James Cottingham

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