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DK Engineering - Exclusive UK Agent for McMurtry Automotive

DK Engineering is proud to confirm a new commercial relationship with McMurtry Automotive. This will see DK Engineering acting as the UK exclusive agent for McMurtry, the British engineering outfit working towards creating the world’s greatest small electric cars for road and track use.

Operating at the leading edge of technology, McMurtry is working to develop the next generation of automotive innovation. The team is committed to raising the bar for electric vehicles, inventing and proving new technologies to offer cars with unrivalled performance in dynamics, speed and range.

The Road-Legal McMurtry Spéirling

For those who have an electric car scratch to itch, but who haven’t been intrigued or interested in anything offered previously. The road-legal Spéirling challenges EV conventions and is undoubtebdly the wildest electric car to ever wear number plates.

A single-minded, unwavering intensity from apex to apex. Record-breaking credentials. A pure electric single-seater hypercar envisioned by one of Britain’s most successful businessmen and delivered by a high-performance team using expertise from F1 and aerospace. Engineered and built in Britain.

Smaller, Faster, Further

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McMurtry Spéirling Features

McMurtry vehicles are British made

British Made

A pure electric single-seater hypercar envisioned by one of Britain’s most successful businessmen and prolific inventors, Sir David McMurtry.

Performance Redefined

Performance Redefined

The Spéirling rubs shoulders with the giants of motorsport, combining the torque advantage of electric powertrains with never-before-seen pace through tight corners.

Demand Downforce

Demand Downforce

Providing 2000kg of downforce from a standing start, the Spéirling’s Downforce-on-Demand system holds the key to total track domination.

Spéirling - Irish for thunderstorm


Irish for thunderstorm. A car that sounds like no other.

Single Minded

Single Minded

An uncompromising single seater, focused on the individual.

Street Legal

Street Legal

Perhaps the wildest electric car ever to wear number plates.

Performance Redefined

Hand Crafted

Made with meticulous care and attention, each Spéirling will be a masterpiece that takes time and patience.

Single Minded

Tailor Made

A Spéirling is a personal statement. Finished to your every wish, each one will be unique.

Street Legal

Available from DK Engineering

As the exclusive agent for McMurtry, prospective owners should contact the DK sales team to enquire about Spéirling ownership.

McMurtry sales at DK Engineering McMurtry sales at DK Engineering

Goodwood Festival of Speed

The McMurtry Spéirling is the first fan car to race in sanctioned motorsport since 1978 and has demonstrated the dominance of the fan-assisted downforce technology by both winning the Festival of Speed and setting a new outright record up the iconic Goodwood Hillclimb. The new record of 39.08 was set during the 'Sunday Shootout' by ex-F1 driver Max Chilton. (Pictured adjacent with Sir David McMurtry).

39.08 Seconds

The Goodwood Hillclimb record was the first prestigious benchmark achieved. Could this be the fastest car in the world?

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